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Artificial Grass El Paso

If you're tired of constant lawn maintenance and high water bills, you're not alone. More El Paso homeowners are saving time, water and effort by switching from real grass to artificial grass. Artificial grass for homes and businesses is growing at a rapid rate in the U.S.

Aesthetically pleasing, and affordable...

Climate conditions in El Paso are not ideal for yards that have grass lawns. Our summers are very hot and our winters can sometimes be extremely cold. If you are considering converting your worn-out, weather-beaten lawn into an aesthetically pleasing landscape that won't falter in extreme weather conditions, then consider an advanced artificial grass lawn solution. Whether you desire a synthetic lawn for a private residence or a commercial property, we can enhance its value and look with the perfect synthetic grass landscape. Never water or pull weeds again, artificial grass needs very little maintenance. Our artificial grass lawns are aesthetically pleasing, affordable, safe, and offer a realistic look.

No more watering, mowing, edging or fertilizing...

Replacing real grass with artificial turf will give you more time outdoors to play with your kids because you won't be spending time watering, mowing, edging or fertilizing. It also means less dust and dirt being blown into your home during the spring windy season, and less dust and dirt in your home means better conditions for people with allergies.

"If you've ever imagined an alternative solution to the regular maintenance of your conventional lawn, then consider the benefits of installing artificial grass instead. The latest generation of artificial turf looks good enough to fool most of us into thinking it's real!"

9 reasons to get artificial turf...

Synthetic turf is low maintenance..

The required maintenance activities for artificial grass are much less than that of a real grass lawn. Regular maintenance typically involves simple cleaning chores such as regular cleaning to get rid of debris, periodic sanitation and disinfection from accidental soda spills, repairs caused from damage from home construction equipment, and weed growth from edge and corners sections close to rock walls and sidewalks. Some of these are not likely to happen, but if they do it usually only involves minimal effort with little to no expense.


Artificial turf grass is a small contribution to the El Paso environment. Since 1991, water conservation has been a priority among city officials in their attempts to educate El Paso residents about consumption. The utility office has established an education center to help residents consider water-saving alternatives when it comes to outdoor landscaping. Although many El Pasoans' opt for desert landscaping with gravel lawns, rock, and cactus, artificial turf is also a viable solution.

Decorative Rock Work

If you need rock work, we can do simple rock jobs that do not involve custom cement work. In other words, we can design simple, yet nice rock formations in and around your turf in the form of river rock canals, plant islands, granite rock lawns and other unique ideas.

Rock Scaping Options

Decorative rock offers many options. If you're thinking about adding custom rock scaping to your artificial turf lawn, you need to know about the types of rock suitable for your unique property setting. Decorative rock not only gives your yard a "rock-scaped" appeal, but also serves a functional purpose by providing drainage and barriers.

Call us today!

If you've been thinking about artificial grass for your El Paso home or business, then don't wait any longer. Just pick up the phone and call us. There's absolutely no charge when we show up to your location - we will provide you with a free consultation and site review. So call us today!

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