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August 1st, 2020


What are the advantages of fake plants?..

There are several distinct advantages of using fake plants instead of real plants. Consider the following...

No watering - Artificial plants are completely fake, including the leaves, branches, stems and blossoms. And since there is no live root system, they require no water. This means good water conservation and a lower water bill. It also means no drainage is required.

Beautification - Artificial plants look beautiful wherever you place them. With so many styles of plant replicas to chose from, it's easy to dress up an indoor or outdoor setting with various species, sizes, shapes and colors.

Convenience - Artificial plants can easily be placed wherever you want them. Unlike real plants that require locations with adequate sunlight, artificial plants will thrive in places with zero sunlight. They will also endure extreme heat and cold. Indeed, artificial plants can survive in adverse conditions that real plants cannot. It's easy and takes little time to dress up your yard, living room, office or kitchen.

Various uses - Artificial plants can be used for movie sets, stage plays, putting greens, weddings, restaurants, parties, parks and more.

Cost effective - Artificial plants pay for themselves by saving you money in maintenance costs. Altogether, artificial plants are very low maintenance since there is no fertilizing, no cultivating, no watering, and no garden tools needed.

Artificial plants require no water or sunlight, just a little tender loving care, and if you're thinking about an indoor garden, well that's what artificial plants are for, right? Yes, just have fun with your imaginative ideas and come up with something totally unique.

How a bout a "window garden?" What would look nicer than a window garden right outside of your kitchen window? Unlike real plants that may require specific locations based on available sunlight, artificial plants will thrive in places where real plants cannot.


If you're tired of the daily routine of caring for real plants, consider having fake plants instead. Whatever your needs are, whether indoor or outdoor, DYARTIFICIAL can satisfy the needs of your next green project with artificial plants, trees, grass and more.

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