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Landscaping With Artificial Turf

"Desert landscaping is popular in the desert southwest, but it hasn't always been that way. For decades after WWII, the first choice for El Paso homeowners was natural landscaping with real grass, and even in hot summers, they were willing to keep the sprinklers running."

Indeed, for many years the majority of homeowners in El Paso enjoyed the lush green look and smell of natural landscapes. It didn't seem to matter to them that the sprinklers needed to be running most of the summer, and even in the hottest summers, El Pasoans' were willing to do whatever it took to keep it green. But a study in 1979 showed that El Paso was close to a water crisis that would run the city dry within 36 years, and over the next couple of decades, the city would initialize measures to stabilize its water supply. The efforts involved replacing real foliage on commercial and government properties with rock and cactus, and even offering financial incentives for residents to do the same.

As water shortages raised the level of awareness for conservation, desert landscaping gradually become more popular. The benefits of replacing natural foliage with desert rock would save water, and in recent years, artificial grass has become a viable addition to yards with desert landscaping too.

Residential Landscaping Projects

If you're planning a beautiful landscaping project, you might want to consider artificial turf. Yes, artificial turf looks great with any yard upgrade. It looks natural, saves time and money in maintenance, and it's hard to tell the difference between fake and real grass. A combination of artificial turf and desert landscaping is perfect for the El Paso Southwest style.

In the El Paso desert, there are several reasons why you might want to consider fake grass, but one in particular are the effects that the hot sun has on green foliage. If you're a home owner in El Paso, artificial turf will allow you to enjoy the benefits of saving on your water bill. Any residential home owner who is conscious about water conservation can take advantage of adding turf grass to your existing landscaped spaces.

Commercial Landscaping Projects

Artificial turf is suitable for commercial landscapes that see heavy traffic. It can help you with any creative idea that you have for a totally unique landscape design. Whether you're the owner of a convenience store, industrial property, or government property, we have a landscaping idea for you.

Controlled Burns

For decades, El Pasoans' have burned the dead grass in their lawns as a way to revitalize their yards. This practice is believed to promote a grass lawn with better health, causing it to grow back thicker, greener, and more beautiful the following year. Controlled burning is commonly banned or restricted in certain cities, especially since the water restrictions of the 90's. The City of El Paso encourages home owners to convert to desert landscaping or fake grass, so before burning your grass, check with your local fire department.

El Paso leads the way..

Most El Pasoans' can probably remember the water restrictions in the 80's and 90's. The Lawn Policy helped El Paso avoid a water crisis and even influenced big cities with similar water problems to take on water restriction policies and programs that encouraged desert landscaping. Cities that have followed El Paso's lead are San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas. Artificial turf is good for many reasons, including low maintenance and water conservation. It's also a durable choice for kids and pets.


Artificial grass has excellent drainage. Many artificial turf styles are designed for maximize drainage, so there's no need to worry about mud puddles. It can be used and enjoyed right after a rain. We have listed 9 reasons to get artificial turf, and we're sure that you'll be surprised at the benefits.

Pet Applications

Landscaping projects with artificial turf can be used for pet applications too. Whether it's a private or commercial need, artificial turf is safe and durable for everyday scratching and clawing of pets. Artificial turf is easy to clean up.

Landscaping has become so versatile that there are applications suitable for every type of property. There are so many products and services available that no two landscaping projects are exactly the same. A backyard golf course, a playarea for kids, a conservative space for a business or industrial park, turf grass can compliment any imaginative idea you have. Yes, your dream of year-round green grass is very possible, even in high desert.

Regardless of how extensive your landscaping details are, once your turf is installed, you can comfortably enjoy it without the worries of scheduled maintenance. You'll have more free time to take advantage of your new green space.

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