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July 17th, 2018

Football Fields With Artificial Turf

Football Fields With Artificial Turf

"Football fields with artificial turf offer the combination of turf fibers and selected infill, resulting in better footing, control and grip. Turf grass also helps to reduce fly-out, splashing and grass/dirt stains during a game. These combined characteristics help to increase the performance level of a player during a football game."

Middle & Hi Schools

Premier: Due to the nature of the sport of football, natural grass fields are put under the duress from athletes who are constantly sprinting, tackling, and breaking away on the field. This is especially true for football stadiums in middle schools and high schools levels, since football is very popular at those levels. Even though official games don't take place everyday, regular practices might take place everyday during regular and pre-season. As a result, the punishment put on a field with natural grass will require regular maintenance to fix and maintain the aesthetic appearance of the grass, yard lines, yard markers and endzones. Additionally, the type of maintenance procedures may involve special treatments so that the surface is level enough for competitive play.

Maintenance & Financial Challenges

Schools and recreational facilities often work within strict budgets. Schools especially have unique challenges that correspond with the specific needs of accommodating children in a learning institution. After a while, the effects that football activities have on natural grass will change the shape and overall condition of the grass, restricting how often the players can play and practice. In fast contact sports, natural grass will receive a great deal of pounding, scrapping, gouging, skidding and sliding. This will require more attention to the special needs of keeping real grass healthy and green, costing schools more money in replacement and general maintenance.


For outdoor football stadium arenas, climate conditions will take it's toll on any field with real grass. In heavy rain, low spots will become flooded, and bald spots will become muddy. Heavy rain will take its toll on the surface by creating the need to replace or replant sections of the grass once the weather clears. Of all inclement weather conditions, heavy rain can take its toll on real grass the most, resulting in downtime.

Advantages of Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is specifically suited for sports facilities that emphasize strength and speed events.

Rain or shine, athletes will have a better playing surface for playing and practicing football. Artificial turf offers advanced field conditions that aid in optimizing the performance of a football athlete.

A final note about injuries..

Turf padding supplies shock absorbency, but it doesn't necessarily offer better shock absorbency than real grass. The type of thick foam pad cushioning over the floor surface does in fact provide cushioning, but the benefits might just result in better performance, and not in preventing injuries. John Powell from the University of Iowa was among the first to note the higher incidence of injuries on turf grass. According to a paper he published in 1992 showed that professional football players had more major knee injuries on artificial turf when compared to natural grass. Certain other injury patterns, such as turf burns and turf toe, were unique to artificial turf. Furthermore, players complained of greater muscle soreness when compared to playing on a natural grass surface.

Artificial turf companies have since made significant advancements to improve the way turf absorbs shock. Modern turfs typically have "infill" components which is used to simulate the dirt in between the blades of natural grass. This gives the field a more "grass-like" feel than older artificial turf products. Despite these modern advancements, the effect of the artificial turf on injury rates is still controversial.

Premier Offers a High-Traffic Nylon Turf For Football Stadiums

The need for artificial turf will vary depending on the sport. For football, it's obvious, as the field needs to be able to endure high-impact and frequent falls from the players. Premier Artificial Turf offers a high-traffic nylon turf product that will hold up in extremely high traffic areas made for football games and practices. If you have questions about what type of turf application is right for your sports arena, just give us a call today.

Artificial turf applications offer a wide array of solutions based on specific needs. It's used by a wide array of athletic organizations such as high school sports, professional sports and private sports clubs. Call Premier to discuss your needs today.

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